Ukrainian Women Treatment

One of the many things I have to admit to myself over the course of the four and a half years I have lived in Ukraine is that I didn’t know how to treat a lady before moving to Ukraine. I knew how to be a great salesman, and I knew how to set boundaries and limits inside of a relationship, either with a family member, or a customer or client. However, I was unaware of how a lack of boundaries and limits can cause your significant other (Ukrainian women) to not respect you.

And, I had not idea just how important it was for a Ukrainian woman to respect her man. In the US culture, women have been taught from childhood, over the past 45 years that they have equal rights to men. They have been taught over the past 35 years that they do not have to put with a man physically or emotionally abusing them. They have been taught over the past 30 years that they do not have to tolerate a man sexually harassing them. These are all positive things, as I believe the worst thing a man can do is hit a woman or hurt a child.

Ukrainian Girls

Ukrainian Girls

That brings us to the point. US men have come to the point of being to scared of offending a woman, or losing their job due to sexual harassment, that they have lost their ability to be a strong, well-respected man. A man is not supposed to discipline his children through a spanking on the behind any more. I have no trouble with using fear or the threat of physical violence on a young child, as long as it is not a commonly used tool. Once, twice, three times over the child’s childhood and it is effective. More than that, and it becomes a pattern with the opposite effect.

US men come to Ukraine thinking that Ukrainian women have the same behavior patterns as their American counterparts. But, that is not true. Sure, there are Ukrainian men who will allow the Ukrainian girl or woman to be the boss of that relationship, but it is not the norm, nor is it the general consensus. So, the general attitude of the public, or of this culture is one of the man being the head, or center piece of the marriage and household, while the Ukrainian woman is the one who is behind the man, holding it all together.

American men need to learn how to stand up for what they want, and what they think they deserve. It is not bad to tell a woman “no!” In fact, it is highly recommended. It is simple, reverse psychology. When you take something away from a person, that person wants it more. Ukrainian girls are the same. Especially the younger ones. But, most people in the Ukrainian culture are not reading books, trying to improve themselves and their relationships. So, just some simple psychological tools can help you to achieve your goal of having a Ukrainian girl fall in love with you.


Ukrainian Girls Life in Ukraine

During one of my classes today, I had four students, and they did a lot of talking today, which is a change from my normal conversation classes. I usually try to focus on aspect of the language in which they are not familiar so that they can improve their conversational language while outside of my class as well as in my classes. I have two Ukrainian girls named Nastya and Yulia, both of which are good looking Ukrainian girls, but they are just awesome people. Any guy that marries either of these Ukrainian girls will be able to count himself as lucky.

Ukrainian girls

Ukrainian girls

We were talking about traveling, and one of the students, a male student, actually traveled to New York and New jersey two summers ago on the World and Travel program. He was able to work in New Jersey, and then the last two days prior to leaving the US to return to Ukraine, he was able to spend two days in New York. Being only 18 years old, there was only so much he could do, but the city of New York and Manhattan left an indelible impression on him, and he was singing its praises and telling us that he would like to go back as soon as possible.

I was listening to one of the Ukrainian girls telling us about her dream trip of wanting to go to New York too and I had the inclination to tell them that New York is not really America. Of course, this Ukrainian girl also wants to go to Los Angeles as well. And, I explained that real America is Kentucky, Tennessee, Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri, Arkansas, Louisiana, Georgia, South Carolina, or any number of other non-northeastern states or northern states. I explained to them that if any one of them had their car break down in Kentucky, they could know on someone’s door, that that person, that family would take them into their home without question, feed them, clothe them if necessary, and allow them to stay in their home without locking their door. I explained that they would not allow this foreigner to leave and pay for a hotel, instead opting for generosity, and not accepting a dime for helping this person. They would take this person shopping or on any errands that they might have to run just so this foreign person can see what life is like in America and compare it to their own experiences from whatever country they had come from.

I can tell you that no one will invite me to their home here during the holidays. In my culture, if someone saw that you did not have family here for the holidays, they would insist that you come and spend Christmas or Thanksgiving with them. They would feed you, buy you a present, and make you feel like part of the family. It is not that Ukrainian people are not generous, That is the exact opposite. There are plenty of generous people here, but in general, Ukrainian people, and Ukrainian girls just do not think to actually invite someone else into their home to meet their family or spend time with their family and friends. I left the class supremely disappointed to tell you the truth.

Where is my generous Ukrainian girl who is going to invite me everywhere? Take me shopping to find the things I need, invite me to her community proudly, and just be there for me when and how I need it? I have met a few, but they have been taken, or not interested in me as a partner. Oh well, I guess everything happens for a reason, right?

Ukrainian Girl

I met a very nice Ukrainian girl two weeks ago, and we have now gone out twice. However, after spending about 5 total hours with her, I am clear that she only want to be friends with me. This Ukrainian girl is tall, lean, has dark brown hair just like I like. She is 31 years old, and is not a baby. I like this about her. However, unfortunately, she is heart broken. She had a long relationship that ended poorly. As a result, she is not ready for a new man. In fact, she has committed to staying chaste until she gets married this time. Her values and principles are of the highest quality, however, as I stated, she is not ready.

I am sad about this as I think she is pretty cool. This Ukrainian girl has a reserved personality. She does not party, she only drinks an occasional glass of wine. She is an English teacher and a student. She is determined to improver her English. She has opinions on everything. She has even studied Alcoholics Anonymous as well as read a book on co-dependency. That is extremely rare here. There are very few Ukrainian girls who have studied human behavior at this level. However, this Ukrainian girl wants to understand where her mistakes were in the past, and she wants to prevent herself from making these same mistakes in the future.

Ukrainian girl

Ukrainian girl

Yesterday, I took her to a sushi restaurant and we just talked. This evening, I went with her and three other Ukrainian ladies to the Philharmonic Orchestra. I can tell you that I went to the Philharmonic Orchestra more than three years ago, and this time, they were 10,000 times better. There was a wonderful, famous, Russian pianist. He began by playing classical piano for about 6 songs, and then the Orchestra came out onto the stage to play with him. They were phenomenal compared to what I remember in the past. The violins were strong and in synch. They did not life their violins in unison like the top orchestras do, but other than that, the whole orchestra was great. The violas and cellos, and base were also great. They has french horns, flutes, clarinets and a couple of other instruments. If you want a place to take a Ukrainian girl on a date, this is a wonderful and cheap date.

There are many things to do in Odessa Ukraine. You could also take a girl to the famous Opera House, the ballet, or a simple movie. I know you might not be able to understand the Russian, but that wouldn’t matter. A Ukrainian girl will still be impressed.

Date a Ukrainian Girl

Recently, I met a guy from Texas who really thought he was educated to what goes on in Ukraine and what he needs to look out for when dating a Ukrainian girl. Unfortunately, he was in for a rude awakening.

He’s a genuinely nice guy, but the reality is that he is insanely naive, and is just a 34 year old kid who works in his family’s business. So, he has never had to take care of himself. He has never had to take care of a woman or child. He has never had full responsibility over someone’s life, even his own.

So, he took this girl to a restaurant. He told me she was smoking hot. However, the Ukrainian girl and the waiter led the to of them to a back room that was empty and had no other patrons. If this every happens to you, please insist on sitting in a normal area with all other patrons. I understand at first glance, you think this is romantic, but the bill will not be romantic when a meal that shouldn’t have topped $50 tops out at over $300.

Since most western men who come here looking to date a Ukrainian girl and marry a Ukrainian girl are not insanely wealthy, and have to save their money to get here, most western men are not prepared to spend $300 per meal to meet, date, and marry a Ukrainian girl.

Getting back to our story, this Ukrainian girl orders a bottle of wine. The nice guy from Texas just nods his head and smiles. Little did he know that that wine was more than $150 dollars. Then, of course, the total meal came to $325. This nice guy only brought $350 dollars with him (in local currency). Why would he need to bring more cash? Even though he and his family have money, he has never spent this much money on a girl on one date in his life! I know, many Ukrainian girls think this type of spending is normal for Americans, but it is not.

After dinner, this wonderful Ukrainian girl led the guy to a nearby shopping mall. She told him she needed a new case for her mobile phone. He said, “your mobile phone case is back at the restaurant. If you had protected me from spending all of my money at the restaurant, I would have had money to buy you your mobile phone case”. Then, she led him into a lingerie store, holding beautiful, expensive lingerie up to her body saying, “are you going to buy this for me?” He responded in kind, finally understanding the game. He said, “are you going to wear it for me?” She responded, “I’ll take a picture for you.”

Finally, waking up from his dream, he responded, “I’ll take a picture of my money for you.”

Now he’s finally getting the message. I am proud of him. But, the next day, when telling me the story, he was not proud of himself because he said, “I thought I understand how these girls play, and how to avoid being taken to the cleaners, but I really realize that I don’t know all I need to know yet.”

Don’t be blinded by the beauty of a Ukrainian girl when dating.

Ukrainian Girls Why Western Men?

Many Ukrainian marriage and dating websites tell us that Ukrainian girls are just dying to get out of their own country. These websites tell us Ukrainian men are drunks, cruel, don’t know how to treat a woman, and that Ukrainian girls believe their only chance at a good life would be to give themselves to a foreigner and move with him to that man’s western country.

However, I have lived in Odessa Ukraine for more than three and a half years and I can tell you this is just not the case. Sure, the incidence of alcoholism is higher than in the US. The incidence of domestic violence might be higher too, although many cases go unreported since local police wouldn’t do anything about a complaint. That does not mean there are no good guys here in Ukraine. In fact, I have been teaching English in Odessa Ukraine for the entire time I can tell you from personal experience there are plenty of good men here.

Ukrainian Girls

Ukrainian Girls

I’ve met more than 1,500 Ukrainian girls in my time here. I am lucky because the school I teach at is more expensive than most schools. So, the Ukrainian girls who come to my school are generally from better families, more educated, more ambitious, and more practical. They work hard, and most of them are not looking for a free ride. Most of the girls I can introduce you to would never ask you for a dime. In fact, most of them would insist on paying for their own meal, not accept gifts from you, or pay for their own taxi after a date.

The men in Ukraine are generally generous, thoughtful (at least during the courtship process), and know how to attract a Ukrainian girl. The population is tilted toward more females than males. The latest population figures show that there are 5 girls for every 4 guys. Unfortunately, that means that there are millions of Ukrainian girls who do not have a corresponding male to marry. And, there is an inordinate amount of family pressure for a Ukrainian girl to marry at a young age and to start a family at a young age. This pressure acts as a pivot point for Ukrainian girls to look abroad for a partner.

Ukrainian girls in my opinion are more spiritual than their western counterparts, and it is this spirituality or intuitive spirit and openness which opens Ukrainian girls up to the possibility of falling in love with a western man. Generally, girls in their 20s are busy figuring out who they are and what they want out of life. Why would a Ukrainian girl limit herself to only Ukrainian or only western men?

Ukrainian Girls

Men have been coming to Ukraine for the past 20 years searching for the perfect girl, wife, lover, and wife. Ukrainian girls are among the most beautiful in the world, and many Western men want a beautiful Ukrainian girl on their arm. Unfortunately, men from the west are convinced girls from Ukraine are dying to leave their home, their family, their friends, their jobs, and their home country in order to find a better life in your country. While there is a small percentage of Ukrainian girls who do want to leave Ukraine, the majority of them are not interested in leaving.

Ukrainian Girls

Ukrainian Girls

However, the media, dating websites, marriage websites, and mail order bride websites have sold us a line, convincing us these Ukrainian girls want to leave. As a result, many men from the west come to Ukraine thinking and believing Ukrainian girls are just going to get down on their knees and thank us for giving them the opportunity to have a better life, a green card, safety, and/or stability. My book, my blog, and my website are all designed to help western men to begin to open their eyes to the truth.

The truth is that there are about four or five different types of girls in   Ukraine. The first type are the majority of the Ukrainian girls you will find on the websites. I call these Ukrainian girls the hunters. What are they hunting for? They are hunting for a guy who can offer them an easy, safe, stable life. These are the Ukrainian girls that I call frontline girls. These frontline Ukrainian girls are the Ukrainian girls that all western men need to look out for.

What are they willing to trade for that safe, stable life? What are they willing to ignore in order to have what they want? The frontline girls, the Ukrainian girls that are on websites and hunting are willing to give up almost everything. They are willing to ignore large age gaps. They are willing to ignore love. They are willing to ignore attraction, and even willing to live with a man that doesn’t really excite them in order to have what they want.

I assure you that there are plenty of great Ukrainian girls here. However, the majority of the great Ukrainian girls do not have their profiles on websites. That is why I wrote the book, wrote the blog, and created the website. Please, take the time to do the research, do the work, understand just how different this culture and its thinking is from your own, and I assure you that you will most likely be able to find exactly what you desire in Ukrainian girls.